Sell Now With Us Your Designer
Handbag at an Attractive Price

Sell your unused designer handbags and create more space in your closet! Sell on commission and receive up to 80% of the sales price.

Handbag Spa & Shop takes care of the optimal marketing of your favourite designer pieces with selected international distribution partners and a targeted online marketing! The focus is on the professional and serious marketing for luxurious item collectors.

We buy your Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other designer bags and exclusive accessories in used or new condition. We also take handbags on commission. Our price is based on an algorithm that takes into account the popularity of the style, the condition of the item, the estimated time needed to sell the bag, the age of the bag and other factors. All purchase prices are negotiated on an individual item basis, but normally we pay between 60% and 80% of the market price, depending on the value of the item.

The bags we accept have the potential for a greater payout than direct purchase and can be a preferred option for those who want to retain store-fresh bags and maximize the return on their bags. The used handbags, which are accepted on a commission basis, must be in very good or as good as new condition that meets the quality expectations of our potential customers.

Does your favourite piece have traces of use? Before we start the selling process, we need to ensure that your item is properly restorated, cleaned and repaired with a specially selected leather type. Handbag Spa & Shop works together with long-time experts in the field of leather processing and finishing to make your handbag shine in new splendor. The craftsmanship focus is on handbags from exclusive and prestigious brand manufacturers.

Selling / Shipping the Article

Step one

Get a quotation

  • Fill in our sales form, please state the brand of the bag, the colour, the age, model, name of the bag (if known), if possible the serial number at Chanel, the year stamp at Hermès, the condition of the bag and the additional accessories in the set.
  • If you have concrete price expectations, please indicate them.
  • Add four photos of the bag (required minimum) – up to five can be uploaded at a time.
  • We will contact you within 48 hours with an estimated price.
Step two

Send the bag

  • If you will agree with our offer, we will send you a contract and a label for shipping. We take over the costs of the insured shipment from you.
  • All packages and their contents must be securely packed. We recommend the use of bubble wrap or plastic recycling bags to reduce the risk of damage.
Step three

Receive money

  • After receiving the item, we will check it, refine the final price if necessary and inform you of any changes.
  • Your revenue results from the sales price minus our commission.
  • Once the sale of your item is completed, you will be paid the full amount minus our commission as per agreement. You can choose the form of payment yourself, usually the payment is made by bank transfer. We pay out the sales revenue to our sellers on a weekly basis.
Sales price of your article Provision
EUR 0 – 500 30%
EUR 500 – 1.000 25%
EUR 1000 – 2000 25%
EUR 2.000 – 2.500 22%
EUR 2.500 – 8.500 18%
Ab EUR 8.500 EUR 1.500

Sales Form