Hermès Steeple Canvas Tote Bag


The beautiful Hermès Steeple Tote Sac in bleu-brique “Quadriga” printed Toile H. Handles in Hackberry  Wood and fastening in Fauve Barenia leather, features a graphic print design and dual wood top handles. The bag opens to a Bleu Toile H interior. Limited Edition Hermès Bag for the true Hermès fan! Only a few made in the world!


Material: Toile H
Colour: Bleu-brique
Metallic elements: Hackberry wood
Inner material: Toile H

Size: 60 x 34 x 30 cm
Year of production/letter: 2012, stamp P in Square
Condition: Good *

* More information about the condition of the product

Brand new: This bag has never been worn and comes with all accessories.
As good as new: The bag shows no traces of use, mostly the foils of this bag were removed.
Very good: This bag will show very slight signs of use.
Good: This bag is still in good condition and shows slight to medium signs of wear.
Used: This bag is visibly and gracefully aged, it will show signs of wear and some damage.


Additional information

Weight 2,5 kg


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